Master Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves a conscious awareness of current thoughts, feelings and behaviours within a person’s environment. Simply being the observer of self in a non-judging way, while still being able to remain open and inquisitive.
Mindfulness has the ability to stabilise and enhance our emotional and general well-being, which simply means that’s great for our long-term mental health and overall wellness.

In this ever demanding, busy and stressful world mindfulness focuses the attention on a moment of non-doing, this allows us to concentrate and maintain the attention span over extended periods of time.
With a plethora of technological influences and the continuous feed of never ending information challenging our ability to concentrate on single tasks, we find ourselves instead browsing through bits and pieces of tasks rather than using conscious focused thought.

Generally people don’t have a true awareness of their intimate inner self, because our unconscious programming has trained us to focus mainly on the outside world. There are some who feel so disconnected and look for connectedness through self-medicating, sex, drugs and alcohol.
This can be a struggle to work with, for some are so lost within that world it gives them a brief experience of what they think is connection, but its like living in an abyss as they become more alienated and isolated from within and eventually spiraling from the outside world.

Mindfulness reconnects you on many levels and awakens an aliveness that you will never want to let go of.
It brings a realisation of how non functioning you actually were as it re-connects you to an inner peace that elevates you to a new high.
Mindful awareness is simply paying attention to the present moment as we let thoughts come and go freely without any attachment.

Take a moment and get Mindfulness started, within weeks you will feel the transformation and benefits of making Mindfulness a habit.

Here is one of the Mindful techniques that is relatively easy to master.
I call it checking in and going on a MindFull Pause.

The MindFull Pause
· Set aside 15 mins each day – anytime, anywhere
· Find a quiet place
· Put yourself on pause and stop and shift your focus onto your breathing,
· Close your eyes or focus on an object and become aware only of your breathing.
· Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, bringing awareness into filling your lungs completely, then slowly breathe out through your mouth until you have expelled all breath
· Continue to focus on your breathing, each in breath draws in new life and each out breath a letting go of any tension, stress, worry, anger etc
· Continue and then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Mindful Breathing practices actually enhance a more balanced neurological system that makes for a perfect environment for optimal brain function. There is no doubt we can create healthier minds through positive practices of mindfulness.

This is only the start of taking your life back and becoming the best version of you!

Kaylene Wynn


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  1. Sharmi Cantwell said:

    So timely at this busy time of year, so consumed with getting it all done and being everywhere, we forget the most important way to feel content! Thank you for reminding me how 😊

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